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moosicWebGUI -- a graphical user interface for moosic

For the hasty reader

moosicWebGUI is (yet) another client program for the moosic daemon (moosicd). The features are described here.

The latest version is 0.9.1 and is available here. Older versions can be found in the history section.

As of today moosicWebGUI is only known to work with moosic 1.5.1. Skip forward to the latest news here.

What is moosic?

On his website Daniel Pearson describes his program as follows:
Moosic is a music player for Unix systems. It focuses on convenient and powerful playlist management. It consists of a server process that maintains a queue of songs to be played and one or more client programs which sends commands to the server.

The moosic jukebox is a nice piece of software as it closely follows the Unix design principles (KISS — keep it simple, stupid). The moosic daemon maintains the song queue and controls several players which do the the heavy lifting. The moosic client program allows the jukebox to be scriped by shell commands.

Introducing moosicWebGUI

While several client programs for moosic already exist I had my own ideas what a GUI for moosicd should do.

First of all I wanted a simple -- preferably standalone -- but extensible program which implements not only basic functions and which is ready to run out of the box on most systems without the aid of a large amount of third party libraries.

Although I have been programming computers (as a hobby and partly for living) since about 25 years I never did any serious standard GUI stuff. Programming in an event driven environment is just too tedious, regardless of the language used. Web programming, however, is pretty much straight forward and much easier for the task of writing a GUI for moosicd.

The language of choice was Python for a couple of reasons. With its expressiveness and its huge standard library ("batteries included") programming in Python is fun again. With a few lines of code you can create your own webserver and tweak its operation to your heart's content. This is what I did to create moosicWebGUI.


  • general player commands:
    start, stop, next, previous, pause, skip +10/-10, repeat (loop), ...
  • playlist commands:
    shuffle, sort, reverse, delete duplicates, clear, save to file, load from file
  • browse and search modes:
    browse/search playlist, browse/search history, browse/search local files, tree view
  • insert options:
    single files or all music files in single directory or whole directory tree;
    add to top or bottom of playlist or mixin


The principle of operation of moosicWebGUI is rather simple. The user launches the program either from the command line or from his desktop environment of choice. moosicWebGUI

  • starts a simple, customized web server based on the standard Python SimpleHTTPServer module
  • tries to connect to a running moosicd and, if necessary, starts a new moosicd server
  • launches the system's web browser (via the Python webbrowser module) with the initial URL pointing to the server just started

For each request sent by the user moosicWebGUI's http request handler does the following:

  • analyze the request, i.e. extract the command to be performend and additional parameters
  • get current status information from the moosic daemon
  • execute the request and send one or more commands to moosicd
  • get updated status information from moosicd
  • create a result page based the command performed using a simple HTML template file
  • send result page back to the browser

Current status

With version 0.9 moosicWebGUI is entering beta stage. As of version 0.8.3 moosicWebGUI was pretty much feature complete (as far as I am concerned).

The code is stable. Currently moosicWebGUI has only been tested with moosic 1.5.1.

The documentation is still far from perfect, but I'm working on it...

It is nice to see that OSS works even for niche projects. As of version 0.8.3 moosicWebGUI contains contributions from Forest Bond. Thanks Forest!

To Do

  • improve documentation (prio +)
  • validate filenames in stored playlist (prio -)
  • create graphical icons (prio --)


Sunday, Dec 04, 2005
moosicWebGUI version 0.9.1 is online. New in version 0.9.1:
  • Nothing new in moosicWebGUI itself ...
  • However, a tool to create hard links from the contents of a .m3u (m3u2link) added -- see tools directory.
    The basic idea is to use moosicWebGUI (or any other .m3u file format aware player for that matter) to create playlists and to create (hard) links of the files stored in the playlist by means of m3u2link. This way CDs containing the songs from the playlist can easily be created. After burning just throw away the links and you are done.

Saturday, Dec 03, 2005
moosicWebGUI version 0.9 is online. New in version 0.9:
  • startup accelerated: after scanning the contents of jukeboxdir some data is stored in the file .moosicWebGUI-dump.dat (located in configdir). Upon startup the content of the dumped data is read. If the stored jukeboxdir and the current jukeboxdir match the initial scan of the jukeboxdir is omitted. This speeds up the program's start-up significantly when dealing with extraordinarily large jukeboxes.
  • .moosicWebGUI-memo.m3u moved from jukebox dir to configdir (where it really belongs)
  • online handbook started (roughly more than a skeleton currently), links to online handbook and to manual page added to template
  • man page improved
  • link to wdg html validator (on local machine) added in debug mode, in order to use the validator the wdg-html-validator package (debian/ubuntu) needs to be installed

Sunday, Nov 20, 2005
moosicWebGUI version 0.8.5 is online. New in version 0.8.5:
  • HTML improved:
    - validates correctly against W3C DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN
    - minor HTML quirks in genertated HTML fixed
  • template reorganized, memo now has its own navigation box
  • functions exit, clear, clearmemo and list no longer show their content in the message box but rather in the main box
  • new function: re-scan of jukebox directory, template updated accordingly
  • minor code clean-up: 0 / 1 changed to False / True where appropriate
  • Forest's template replaced with improved version (fab-template.html)

Sunday, Nov 13, 2005
moosicWebGUI version 0.8.4 is online. New in version 0.8.4:
  • minor bug introduced in version 0.8.3 fixed (@@cform was not expanded, I guess I tried to over-optimize the page generation....)
  • additional template file fab-template.html (contributed by Forest Bond) added

Tuesday, Nov 01, 2005
moosicWebGUI version 0.8.3 is online. New in version 0.8.3:
  • support for .m3u files (general file format for playlists) added, extension .moo is deprecated (simply rename existing .moo files to .m3u)
  • .m3u filenames in jukeboxdir are scanned during startup and stored globally
  • memo function implemented: current track is stored in a special memo playlist ($jukeboxdir/.moosicWebGUI-memo.m3u) upon request. New methods: memo, list_memo, clearmemo, clearmemo2; template updated acordingly
  • new method list_pl: show content of playlist (.m3u) file
  • new option -i: ignore exit, exit requests via HTTP are ignored, the link to the exit function is created dynamically; template updated acordingly
  • patch from Forest Bond implementing options -c, -n and -t included:
    -c: use alternate config file
    -n: add network spec to new ACL allowed_networks
    -t: use alternate template file
    parsing of moosic option file for valid filename extensions
  • maximum number of displayed entries increased from 100 to 250 as version 0.8 is much faster than previous versions

Friday, June 03, 2005
moosicWebGUI version 0.8 is online. New in version 0.8:
  • dramatic speed-up escpecially when dealing with large jukeboxes. Instead of += all content new content is appended to a list; after completion the list is joined (as it should have been done in the first place). On my slowest machine (Duron 700 MHz) the time for the generation of the tree view of my Jukebox decreased from 15 sec to approx 0.5 sec (!) as reported by /usr/sbin/ab.
  • fixed error in do_HEAD (wrong status codes).
  • added support for favicon.ico, icon added.

Sunday, March 20, 2005
moosicWebGUI version 0.7 is online. New in version 0.7:
  • Access control list for security added. By default only the localhost can connect to the server. New option -a adds an allowed host to the ACL.
  • Check against the API version implemented (minimum version is 1.7, possibly earlier versions work as well).
  • As of version 0.7 moosicWebGUI comes with a preformatted man page. Currently it is still necessary to move the man page to /usr/local/man/man1/
  • Some code cleanup, rearrangements and some minor and obscure bugs fixed.

Sunday, October 3, 2004
moosicWebGUI version 0.6 is online. New in version 0.6:
  • upon startup: search a free port that the webserver can connect to
  • option -j to explicitly specify a "jukebox" directory
  • tree view of jukebox directory
  • search files in playlist, history and filesystem
  • playlists can be saved and restored to file
  • improved template and nicer look

Sunday, September 5, 2004
Now that my new website is up and running here is my first contribution to the Free Software community: version 0.5 of moosicWebGUI. Enjoy.

2004 - 2007 by Eckhard Licher, Frankfurt