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cdServer demo main page

Welcome to the cdServer demo. Please have a look at the navigation menu on the left. If there are no "Search database" and "Exit cdServer" options then you are obviously browsing this page not through cdServer itself.

To start the demo on a Posix (Unix, BSD, Linux) machine open a terminal, change to the bin directory and start cdServer manually (it is assumed that Python is already installed):

                cd bin/ 

This should start a webserver and launch a webbroser with the initial URL http://localhost:8000/.

Should the browser fail to load the URL mentioned above -- escpecially when there are a lot of browsers installed -- you might need to open the URL mentioned above manually in your browser. For more information please see the help file.

Before using the demo with Windows -- some fetaures of this demo are specifically designed for Windows machines -- some preparations are necessary. See the help section for details.

cdServer knows several options, see the manual page for details.

This program was initially developed on a Debian GNU/Linux (woody) machine using Python version 2.1. Since cdServer version 0.7 development has been done on a Debian testing machine with Python 2.3.

 © 2005 by Eckhard Licher, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. cdServer is Free Software. See file COPYING.LIB for details.