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cdServer -- simple HTTP server designed to serve HTML files off a CD-ROM

cdServer is a simple HTTP server based on the standard Python library module SimpleHTTPServer designed to serve (static) contents off a CD-ROM. cdServer provides a simple interface for special (interactive) functions implemented in an external application program, e.g. search functions for a database.

The latest version (0.8) is availabale here.

The distribution archive for cdServer includes a demo application (search for a string in a fortune file) as well as help and manual files. cdServer is licensed LGPL and the demo application was deliberately put into the public domain to provide a good starting point for your applications.

The demo is designed to start automatically on Windows machines if burned onto a CD-ROM (requires a minimum Python installation for Windows in the file system of the demo directory tree, see documentation for details).

The documentation is part of what you see when you are running the demo application. What you don't see here on this website are additional functions which are only visible when when running cdServer (check the source of the documentation for HTML comments in the left side navigation bar if you are curious).

Sunday, March 19, 2006
cdServer version 0.8 is online. Click here to download.

New in version 0.8:

ACLs for limiting access to the server introduced
  • new option -a: add host to list of allowed_hosts
  • new option -n: add network to list of allowed_networks
  • code for checking the host IP against a list of allowed hosts/networks added (taken from moosicWebGUI, originally contributed by Forest Bond)
New option -d: switch on debug mode
  • in debug mode errors while importing cdApp are not caught
  • variable cdApp.debug is set after import
cdServer version 0.8 powers the second edition of the CD "German Woodworking Machinery and Tools" (released in March 2006), a project by my employer VDMA. A large subset of the information available on the CD is also available online at german-woodworking-machinery.com. The online version of the catalogue is not being served by cdServer but rather by the "Big Indian" (of course) who calls a small Sarge box his home. The search functions (which are implemented in cdApp.py on the CD) were rewritten for the online version as CGI scripts (in Python).

Saturdary, April 2, 2005
The initial release of cdServer (version 0.7) is online. Click here to download.

2004 - 2007 by Eckhard Licher, Frankfurt